How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos

How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos by Pam Hetlinger | | Chic Summer Outfit, All White Outfit, Black Straw Bag, NYC Fashion

Happy Friday! I hope you guys had a great week! I’m still in NYC but feeling really blessed and enjoying the different city vibe. I have taken so many photos since I got here and still can’t decide what’s going up on the gram so I wanted to talk about instagram #ootds. Most bloggers travel with a dedicated photographer, usually their husbands, boyfriends, or paid photographers. I usually only have whoever I’m with. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to get the best photos. At the end of the day, you really don’t need a production team to take great photos. Here are some tips to take better instagram outfit photos!

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How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos by Pam Hetlinger | | Chic Summer Outfit, the hamptons style, summer fridays, straw bag, all white look

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Scout the perfect location

I think one of the most important parts of a photo is the location. I always try to pick a spot that’s interesting, not too cluttered, and will look good with my outfit. The photo above was taken at a rosé shop in The Hamptons. I loved the rustic, vintage vibe and knew it would look great with this chic white outfit. This snap in front of the shop was exactly what I had hoped for. Always keep your eyes open for unique store fronts and streets.

How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos by Pam Hetlinger | | Chic Summer Outfit, All White Outfit, LA Fashion Blogger, Latina Blogger, White Jumpsuit, Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels

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Experiment with angles

Angles make the biggest difference in instagram outfit photos. If I’m standing, I usually want the photo shot real low so that I look super tall. However, when I’m sitting like I am here, it’s a little different. You have to experiment with shooting slightly above or straight on to see if the background and outfit is a flattering pair. And experiment with shooting offset.

How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos by Pam Hetlinger | | Chic Summer Outfit, deep v dress, minimal style, beach outfit, la fashion blogger

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Keep it casual

Casual poses are my favorite because everyone looks better “in the moment” if you know what I mean. It might feel ridiculous to act a little but it works! Little acts  like brushing your hands through your hair, laughing, or swaying back and forth make for great poses. I love wind-blown hair :)

Zoom in on the details

Sometimes, it’s not all about the outfit. Capture the details so you can switch things up on your ig feed. Zooming in on your earrings, jewelry, or sheer panels can turn out so beautiful.

How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos by Pam Hetlinger | | Chic Summer Outfit, floral kimono, LA Fashion Blogger, Latina Blogger, levis light wash jeans

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Blend in the environment

What I mean by blending into the environment is using your surroundings as usual. This cute beach house had these blue steps so I decided to blend in by sitting here as I would in real life. The steps were used to prop up my shoes and bag to keep it as natural as possible. Sometimes, I can freeze up in front of the camera but it helps to think about what you would be doing in that setting if it was an ordinary day.

Take several pics

My last tip is to take several pics from different angles and perspectives. I know a lot of people think fashion bloggers can get absurd with their cameras and posing but the slightest shift in angle can make the biggest difference. Every time you hear a click, shift your body or tilt your chin. It all counts!

Put these to the test this weekend and let me know if it helps! Do you have any tips for taking perfect instagram outfit photos?

How to Take Better Instagram Outfit Photos
  • Erik Doescher

    Still get this whenever I have try to access your Instagram (from the link on the website:
    “Sorry, this page isn’t available.
    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.”
    Occurs on iphone and PC.
    I follow a ton of people, and have never encountered that problem. No biggie on my end, but since this is your biz I just want to make you aware in case it is happening to others.

    • Thanks for letting me know Erik! I keep testing the links and it works for me :(

  • Beautiful tips and ideas for better photo capturing. Love ♥️it! 🌷👍🏻🌷

    🌸🍃ROSES FOR FRIDAYS 🌸🍃| by mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • angles are so foundamental

  • These are great tips Pam! I find that whenever I am posing for Instagram photos or for the blog, I always resort back the same poses because those are the ones I feel comfortable with and otherwise I just feel awkward. (Maybe you could do a post about taking pictures in public?) Any how, I really have to agree that finding the right location and mixing up your angels are really important. It’s always good to get a photo from a different level or angel and changing up the location will help tell different stories and keep your content unique and different! Have a lovely weekend.

    • Thanks for the feedback Isabella, I’ll consider the suggestion! :)

  • These tips are great!

  • Natalie Redman

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • No lies told! Great tips.

  • Great tips babe! I really would like to have more opportunities to snap some fancy locations for Instagram photos but with full time work I don’t have much time to go out and look for any. Your photos are amazing honey. 🌺💖😍

    • Thanks love. I recommend planning an entire day for a shoot and hit up as many spots as you can!

  • These are all amazing tips to consider. The more you know I guess the more you can do.

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  • Veronika Lipar

    Thanks for these tips Pam and reminding me of the power of the engle. And posing. I tend to exagerate with my pose too much. I don’t know why but I always get carried away. The casual pose looks way better.

    xx Veronika