The 3 Most Fashionable Earring Styles

Statement earrings

If there’s one trend that’s owning the accessory world right now, it’s definitely big, bold earrings. We started seeing them on runways a couple years ago, and now they’re everywhere. I’ve been a long-time fan of statement earrings, so I’m excited that the look is back!

One of the reasons I like them so much is because they’re an easy way to elevate an outfit. Just like any accessory, you can change up the feel of your outfit by accessorizing correctly. Plus, you don’t have to spend much on them. They’re definitely one of the most cost effective ways to liven up your closet or an outfit. I’m much more likely to buy a trendy accessory, like statement earrings, vs. a trendy piece of clothing.

Since I’ve been wearing them so much, I wanted to share 3 trending styles of statement earrings. If you’re going to buy any earrings this summer, make it one from each section below. Has there ever been an easier way to look more fashionable?!

Statement earrings

Tularosa Top // Pants // Sandals (similar) // Jenny Bird Earrings

Chunky Gold

I could dedicate an entire Pinterest board to the amount of chunky gold inspiration I find. At the moment, this style is definitely the “it” cool-girl look.

Statement earrings


This is my personal favorite of the styles, or what feels most like me. I don’t wear a ton of colored clothing, so this is a nice way to add color to my look. I’m especially into tassel or embellished statement earrings.

Statement earringsStatement earringsstatement earrings


Statement earrings are back, and so are hoops! I actually have always loved hoops and feel like they’re a very neutral, classic choice. If you want a step up from studs, hoops are a great place to start. I’m really into gold ones!

statement earrings

What’s your favorite style of the three?

The 3 Most Fashionable Earring Styles