3 Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try

Pam Hetlinger wearing a dark berry lip for fall and a lace top

Last Friday was officially the first day of Fall! I’ve already started to feel the beautiful Fall weather here in Los Angeles and I’m so excited about it. Sweater weather is happening guys! Since we are starting a new season, I decided to focus this week on Fall content. First off, MAKEUP! Today, I’m sharing the 3 Fall makeup trends you need to try this season…


3 Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try - The Girl From Panama


This is my favorite trend! I love wearing a bright dark berry lip with a simple eye makeup and a little bit of contouring. A look like this will turn any outfit from simple to dressy in a minute. Here are some of my favorite colors to try:


Gold or silver glittery eyes are huge right now. MAC Cosmetics has some of the best metallic pigments out there, btw! Also, a little swept over your lid goes a long way! If this trend is too much for you, try something a bit more subtle like this glittery cream eyeshadow from CHANEL. It’s rosy pink and can be applied on top of your favorite eyeshadow. Check out this post to see an easy tutorial.


Contouring is still a thing this season, but not a la Kim Kardashian (sorry Kim!.) This season is all about enhancing the natural features of your face in a more tasteful and subtle way with beiges and nudes rather than using layers and layers of product!

What are some of your favorite makeup trends this season? xx, Pam.

3 Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Try