The Top 5 Handbags You Need This Fall

5 fall handbags you need now - The Girl From Panama

Marc Jacobs Camera Bag is the it bag for Fall

I love October! My favorite holiday is this month, and I know what you are all thinking…My favorite holiday is Halloween? Actually, it’s National Handbag Day! To celebrate yesterday’s adorable holiday, I will be sharing with you all a selection of my top 5 favorite handbag styles you need for this fall.

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Accessorizing is everything! One of my favorite ways to accessorize is with handbags. Handbags can make or break your outfit. When I’m styling myself for shoots and for day to day outfits, a handbag always accentuates whatever points of my outfit I want to highlight. With so many upcoming trends, having the perfect handbag is vital for tying together a classy and elevated outfit.

Here are the top 5 trending bag styles this season:

Pam Hetlinger shares her 5 fall handbags you need now - The Girl From Panama

The Top 5 Handbags You Need This Fall

Crossbody Strap Bags

I recently wore this style with a slip dress last week. Crossbody strap bags are without a doubt the biggest upcoming trend.


Backpacks are extremely functional and versatile. Perfect for keeping everything inside that you would possibly need on a fun adventure.

Circular Bags

A perfect alternative to a square handbag, small and colorful enough to add an extra touch to any outfit.

Bucket Bags

My current obsession, and my personal favorite is the Alexander Wang bucket bag. Chic enough to wear out on the town, edgy enough to stand out.

 Drawstring Handbags

Switching your handbag to compliment an outfit is as simple as dropping the necessities into one of these beauties and drawing the string!

Which one of these is your favorite handbag style?

The Top 5 Handbags You Need This Fall