5 Tips for Self-Care on a Long Flight

Between work, girls trips and visiting my family in Panama, I’m usually on a flight at least a few times a month. And while I don’t mind it too much, the long flights do start to wear on you after a while. I like to take the opportunity to care for myself, especially on international flights, so I’ve developed a simple self-care routine. Obviously it’s nothing compared to being in my robe on my couch, but I find these 5 tips help me feel rested and relaxed before I land at my destination. Whether you travel often or once in a while, I hope you enjoy my routine!

Be comfortable

This is probably obvious but it took me years to find the perfect balance of comfort and style while flying. I always travel in joggers, sneakers, and a couple of layers on top. I also always have a crossbody bag or backpack to be hands-free and then a large tote as my carry-on. I wear minimal makeup and don’t fuss too much. Forget trying to look glam on a flight. Instead, go for that model-off-duty look and I promise you’ll be more comfortable. Here are a few of my favorite travel essentials:

Do a little to your skin

I’ve read articles about doing intense skincare routines or masks on a plane, and honestly, that doesn’t make sense to me. I’m pretty sure people would look at you like you’re crazy and I definitely don’t want to wash my face in the airplane sink. I keep things easy.

Again, I don’t wear much makeup on the plane – usually just skincare. I’ll spritz a hydrating mist and follow it up with this hyaluronic serum and then Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask once or twice during the flight. These products all go on clear and you can’t tell you’re wearing them, but they work well. Lastly, I’ll apply an eye cream or eye pads if I have a travel set.

Try to rest

Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it’s hard, but I bring a few items that help me relax if not sleep. First up is a silk eye mask. It’s kind of awkward sleeping on planes so I find that covering my eyes makes me more comfortable. I’ll then bring a neck pillow or a large scarf that I can use as a pillow or blanket. Noise cancelling headphones are definitely key, too. Finally, I love to roll on aromatherapy oil to help me unwind.

Download in advance

I’m not a huge TV person but sometimes I’ll zone out to a movie on the flight. But if I’m wanting some true self-care, I’ll listen to a podcast or a church service that I’ve downloaded before taking off. I really try not to work on planes if I need a day off, and these things keep me entertained and motivated but don’t drain me. I also like to bring a few magazines since I rarely have time to flip through them in real life.


I bring a large water bottle and ask the flight attendants to fill it up whenever they come by. Flying is very dehydrating (on your skin and body) so I try to drink as much as possible. I always feel better physically when I land if I’m good about this.


Would love to know how you handle long flights! Also, what podcasts are you loving right now? Need one for my flight back to LA.

5 Tips for Self-Care on a Long Flight