6 Packing Tips I Follow Whenever I Travel


Let’s talk packing. I travel a lot for work, and I’m also back and forth to Panama to see my family often, so I’m a packing pro at this point. I know some of this stuff might seem basic but hopefully you can learn a tip or two. Here are my top tips for packing:


I started using packing cubes a few years ago and I’ll never go back. They truly help to organize things and let you get the most out of your luggage space. Since they really condense all your pieces, you’re able to fit more in your suitcase, which is always a plus.

Depending on the trip and time of year, I’ll either organize my cubes by types of clothes – all shirts in one, for example – or I’ll even use different cubes for different outfits if it’s going to be a super hectic trip. Either way, I always use the cubes. I like these ones.


First, I place any items that don’t roll well, like jackets, at the bottom of my luggage. Then I place my packing cubes on top. I roll my jeans to keep everything fewer wrinkles and it also helps to save space. Make sure you roll things tight and try to fit everything as tight as possible into your suitcase. I also roll everything going into my packing cubes.


If you travel as often as me, it’s easiest to keep a set of toiletries packed up. It might not seem like much, but it really does save me time when packing/unpacking. Plus, I don’t have to second-guess which beauty products to bring – I just pack my essentials. You can shop my skincare & makeup essentials here and I also shared a breakdown of my daily makeup look which is always packed.

I keep my toiletries packed in this case but I also love Stoney Clover cases.


I also like to have a small bag of my travel essentials ready to go. That way, I can stick this in my tote bag and have it on me so that it’s easy to access while on a flight. I’ve even bought extra chargers for all my devices so that I can store them in this bag. I love that I never forget anything this way, too.

If I run out of anything while I’m traveling, whether it’s from my in-flight bag or my toiletries, I make a reminder for myself to replace and add to the right bag once I’m home.


I always, always pre-plan my looks and take photos of them so I remember once I get to my destination. I typically do this about a week or two before my trip so I know if I need to buy anything new or replace anything, and I’m not stressing last minute. I find that I pack much more efficiently when I do this so it’s a non-negotiable. Iit makes things easier once I arrive because I already know what I’m wearing. I try my best to pack a few items that can be re-worn multiple times. For spring, here’s my list of spring essentials to wear.


There are so many good suitcases on the market now, so if you are still using a really outdated one, I’d suggest upgrading. I personally love Victorinox Spectra Hardcase and their Carry-On (you can see how I packed them in this video). Another packing tip is to get a suitcase that can expand depending on your trip and how much you need to pack.

Do you have any tips for me?

6 Packing Tips I Follow Whenever I Travel