Are You Following These Eye Makeup Secrets?

I’ve honestly loved beauty since I was a little girl so I’m beyond grateful for the fact that learning about skincare and makeup is part of my job. Whenever I’m getting my makeup done for shoots or working with a beauty brand, I’m always asking a million questions to the artists. I also love reading other beauty blogs or watching YouTube tutorials so that I’m as knowledgeable as possible.

So today I’m sharing a handful of beauty secrets I’ve learned along the way. I’m going to focus on the eye area because I find it’s one of the hardest areas to work on. From dark circles to puffiness to wrinkles, there’s a lot that can go wrong around the eye. It’s also a delicate spot and one to take good care of. Keep reading for some of the best secrets I’ve learned:

Apply with your pinky finger

Like I mentioned above, the entire eye area is very sensitive. You always want to apply products with your ring finger as it’s a light touch. Definitely don’t rub or stretch the area around your eye either.

Find the right concealer

One of the biggest mistakes with undereye concealer is dryness. If your skin is dry or your concealer is drying, it’ll start to cake up in your wrinkles which ages you. Plus, it’s just not a good look. I personally love L’oreal’s Full Wear Concealer because it’s one of the most moisturizing products I’ve ever used. It’s applied with a sponge-like applicator and it goes on smoothly. Not to mention the coverage lasts all day and night, even in LA and Panama summers. I also use it over any blemishes or to hide redness around my nose, and again, love the matte finish that is still hydrating.

Use a roller

I’ve shared some of my favorite beauty tools in this post and the jade roller is one of them. This is one of my best secrets to use on the under eye area, especially if you haven’t gotten enough sleep or had too much wine at dinner. You can also use an ice roller if things are super puffy (or put the jade roller in the freezer for a few minutes). I hold the cold roller over my under eye are and then gently press up towards my eyebrow to gid rid of puffiness above my eye. After using a roller, makeup looks much better on.


If you have an issue with dark circles, the key is to brighten the area while color correcting. This is another reason I use L’oreal’s Infallible Full Wear Concealer because it’s SO good for brightening that entire area. Don’t forget to apply concealer to the inner corners of your eye and spread outwards to cover the whole area. (The inner eye makes your whole face look more awake when it’s lightened up.)

Hold tight

I once had a makeup artist tell me to keep my eyes closed for 2 minutes after she applied eye drops, and it made such a big difference! The white of my eyes were super bright and it made the makeup pop. Plus it kinda woke me up. I can never skip this step now.

Are You Following These Eye Makeup Secrets?