3 Skincare Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

The New Skincare Gadgets Everyone Needs to Try by Pam Hetlinger | TheGirlFromPanama.com | Clarisonic Mia Smart Review, Clarisonic cleansing system

There has been so much focus on products and ingredients over the years that we can neglect how we apply these products. However, the application process can be what bridges the gap between looking good and great. This is where skincare gadgets come into play. I have to confess that at-home beauty technology has made my facial visits less frequent and I am loving it. There are three tools that have revolutionized my beauty routine which I’ll be sharing with you.

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Clarisonic Mia Smart

The Clarisonic Mia Smart is my latest and greatest discovery. It’s a versatile 3-in-1 beauty tool that has settings for cleansing, firming, makeup application, and eye massage. There are four different applicators but my favorite is the cleansing one – it’s so gentle on the skin. I also like to use my Mia Smart to apply foundation and bronzer. It gives me a really soft and natural airbrushed look. If you need help customizing your beauty routine, you can even connect it to their app on your phone – huge game changer!


NuFace makes microcurrent technology accessible to everyone and I’m a big fan. The toning devices for face and body gives a lifted effect within minutes. It works by sending electricity through the skin, which stimulates circulation, tones, and tightens muscles. I never experience any discomfort and find it quite therapeutic. The metallic knobs feel more like a mini massage. This isn’t a quick fix though and requires some time investment working into your routine.

Jade Rollers

Skincare gadgets aren’t all expensive. In fact, I’m a big proponent of jade rollers. I like to store mine in the fridge so that it’s nice and cool on application. I usually apply a facial oil first then start the rolling process. It’s a handy and portable massaging tool that boosts circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. As far as instantaneous results, it reduces puffiness which is essential while traveling.

What skincare gadgets are you loving and using?

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3 Skincare Gadgets I Can’t Live Without