How to Wear the Boiler Suit

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You should really start the season off with a beige jumpsuit or boiler suit. Despite the masculine, utility vibes, it looks incredibly chic with the right heels and accessories. The one-and-done outfit makes dressing 10x easier – and the color trend I’m loving in hand with the boiler suit is beige. When we think of neutral colors, we sometimes fall into the misconception that our outfits can’t be eye catching, or bold. B

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ut in fact, some of my favorite outfits are made with light colors like beige because the options for shoes, accessories, and even make up just become so endless. That being said, I’m 100% on the boiler suit trend and wanted to share all the ways to style it!

My Fave Boiler Suits

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Hats and Sunglasses

When it comes to boiler suits in neutral colors, I think one of the most important things to stay mindful of is not to let it wash you out. The best way to disrupt that is to throw in something a little flashy. Sun hats, fedoras, and even head bands and scarves are super quick and easy ways to add a drop of luxury into the simplest of looks. As the warmer weather comes trickling in, try and remember that hats this time of year are super ornamental and functional. Sunglasses are also wonderful. They add an edge to basic looks and help to dress up lighter outfits, especially if you pick ones with bold frames.

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When it doubt, always accessorize. A good way of mixing up a masculine piece is to add is pops of jewelry. Not only will the metallic jewels dress up any laid back outfit, but they are great for completing a beige look. For a high neck line I would suggest layering necklaces, but if you are going with a tank top or strapless look, I would suggest finding bigger earrings to take the look to the next level and frame your face. Long sleeves tops rolled up is also a great options for showing off bracelets.

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If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s a magical pair of shoes! Shoes are honestly the key to the best outfit. They are typically the last thing a person seeing when they scope out your outfit, so you always to leave them wanting more. If you’re wearing a boiler suit, I’d suggest wearing strappy heels or sandals that compliment it. It’s okay to throw in a bold color but I would avoid anything too dark that might not fit the vibe of the outfit.


How to Wear the Boiler Suit