4 Important Things to Expect at Fashion Week

Lavish Alice Mint Jacket, Braided hair, NYFW, Winter Look, Lace Cami | Pam Hetlinger from TheGirlFromPanama.com
I’m leaving for New York Fashion Week and figured I should share some advice on what to expect during this busy time! It is a very hot topic right now because it is important for so many of us in the fashion industry. Behind the edited Instagram feeds, I know the events can look very glamorous and exciting but I want to highlight a little bit of the reality that goes on behind the shows. If you aspire to attend one day, then you can bookmark this post and reference it later because I’m sharing what to expect at fashion week.

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What to Expect at Fashion Week

I have been a regular fashion week attendee these past few seasons and whenever it starts, there are very important things you need to keep in mind. I am sharing them below!

1. Consider travel time carefully

New York City traffic is nothing to laugh about. It’s crazy! I have learned that whenever I’m preparing for a fashion week event or show, I need to leave at least half an hour to an hour early depending on how far I am. If not, I’ll be late. A helpful solution has been to start getting my outfits, hair, and makeup ready earlier than normal. If you have shows scheduled back to back, you need to know their start time and how far apart they are. This will allow you to coordinate a schedule for all the events so you can show up on time. Being on time is hugely valuable to me and other industry insiders.

2. There will be conflicting events

Fashion week is a time that calls together the most respected people in the fashion industry. As a result, events will occur concurrently and even run into each other. You might feel very conflicted at times because you want to attend everything but you can’t. This is when I think it’s important to review your goals and align shows appropriately! For example, if you got invited to a show you never attended before but want to work with the brand in the future, it would make more sense to attend that one over one you already have a relationship with. Fashion week isn’t all about having fun; it’s about strategy too! This is the time to connect with people you would love to build a relationship with.

3. Pack for the weather

When packing and planning outfits, you must always be thoughtful of the weather. February is freezing cold in New York City but September still feels like summer. To dress for the winter, make sure you pack thick warm socks, toe warmers, gloves, and the right beauty products to achieve hydrated skin. Follow me on Instagram and watch my stories this week to see how I get ready and what my beauty routine is like.

4. Go with the mindset of owning it

Fashion week is not cheap to attend, but you should think of it as an opportunity to grow your brand and get your name out there. I have always thought of it as a return on investment. I would advise you to go with a positive mindset and be full of confidence because when you do, it will pay off. Meeting only one person can be the catalyst for your career. While you’re in the city, have fun but you need to understand that you’re there to work and network so make the most of it. Many of the amazing girls and contacts I have today came from fashion week.

What would you guys want to see from me regarding fashion week?

Lavish Alice Mint Jacket, Braided hair, NYFW, Winter Look, Lace Cami | The Girl From Panama

Lavish Alice Mint Jacket, Braided hair, NYFW, Winter Look, Lace Cami | The Girl From Panama

4 Important Things to Expect at Fashion Week