5 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned from Cindy Crawford

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You might have seen on my Instagram and stories that I just went on a trip to Malibu to spend a few days with Cindy Crawford. Besides the magnificent view and lust-worthy decor of her ravishing abode, it was such a surreal experience to be able to sit down with her to chat up a storm about skincare, tequila, and everything in between. I’ve always admired Cindy not just for her gorgeous features but the way she presents herself with so much class, elegance, and confidence. Sitting down and talking to her one on one just emphasizes that everything I ever thought about her is accurate. And she’s so much more. It would be silly to keep the life lessons I learned from Cindy Crawford to myself, so I’m sharing them with you guys today. Be sure to share them with your friends and bookmark this post for later because they’re SO good! 

5 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned From Cindy Crawford

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Meaningful beauty

1. Less is more when it comes to skin

Those who are always in the public eye like models, celebrities, and even bloggers usually face tons of pressure to maintain a high level of attractiveness. As a result, many often turn to plastic surgery or excessive makeup. What I’ve always admired about Cindy is that she’s never caved into it and keeps her makeup to a minimum yet she looks flawless! What’s her secret? For one, she’s not afraid to age! Cindy emphasized wanting to look good but also looking her age. She takes great care of her skin with quality products and facials. I got to experience the Asian cupping facial, which felt amazing and made my skin look so plump and youthful! It’s great for improving skin circulation and stimulating lymph drainage. Her skin first philosophy is something I will take with me into the next 10, 20, 30 years!

2. Never speak negatively about yourself to others

She also advised to never speak negatively about yourself in front of your significant other or anyone else! We’re so hard on ourselves and most people will never notice our flaws. However, the minute we call them out, they become more obvious to those we say it to. So, keep those “I look fat or I have cellulite” comments to yourself. Also, the more you say something, the more you start to believe it. Instead of feeding yourself with negative comments, focus on the positive so that you can feel and look better.

3. Learn to prioritize

Cindy spoke heavily about learning to prioritize by saying “no” more frequently. As an entrepreneur and go-getter, I feel guilty at times if I say no, so I end up taking on more work than I can handle. But take it from Cindy and accept that you cannot do it all. It’s important for your health and sanity to have time for yourself. I definitely feel more confident about delegating and saying “no” after this conversation.

4. Always be yourself

It’s so easy to look at other people’s success or style and then try to imitate them. I loved how Cindy stressed the importance of being yourself. In her own words, “Don’t try to imitate someone else. It’s a full-time job trying to be someone you’re not and it’s exhausting”. I couldn’t agree more. Always remember that you’re unique as you are and that’s what makes you YOU.

5. Change is necessary for success

Cindy comes from a different generation – one that was without social media, the internet as we know it today, and new technologies. Her brand, Meaningful Beauty, has to adapt to these things and be able to change as generations evolve. As the owner and leader of her brand, I love how open-minded and willing she is to learn and change! It’s such a fresh reminder that we all need to be open to change even when something may be going in a direction that we don’t agree with.

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Cindy Crawford and Pam Hetlinger

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5 Powerful Life Lessons I Learned from Cindy Crawford