Spring 2023 Trends I Approve Of

Long Black Skirt

Most of my closet is filled with classic pieces that are versatile from season to season. While I’m not a huge trends person, I obviously love to follow what my favorite designers are creating each season and to take trends that I like and mix them with my classic pieces. There are a lot of trends I stay away from each season but for Spring 2023, here’s what I’ll be wearing:


Silver is back in a big way! I’m really into this because as much as I love gold, and it won’t be going anywhere in my wardrobe, it’s nice to switch it up. I’m seeing a lot of silver jewelry, bags, and accessories, so it’s a trend you can easily try in a small way. Metallic pants are also everywhere but I personally like the accessories best.


When done right, I love this look. I wore this look while in Paris for Fashion Week and plan to carry through the style this spring. I’m excited to try slightly sheer tops with a good pair of denim or on pretty spring dresses. The key here for me is showing some skin but always in a classic way.


This is one of my favorite trends of the year! I styled long denim skirts for you here and here, which will be huge this spring. I also love the more feminine silhouettes of maxi satin skirts and leather which I wore during Fashion Month.


Each spring, a lot of designers present new colors that are then carried through to street style. Colors are one of the easiest ‘trends’ to pull off since you can always find your own style in that color. This spring, I love red, bright greens (which I shared a lot of in my Spring Weddings pull), and a lot of mixing of shades of whites.


From cargo pants to pocket details to trousers, pants aren’t going anywhere this spring – in fact, they’re even bigger. Some of the trends are too masculine or busy for me, but I’m definitely into the details when done right. Here’s what I like:


Oversized suits have been in for a couple years now but this spring, it’s all about the short suits. Since I’m such a fan of suits, trousers, and blazers in general, I’m excited to try this one once the weather warms up. I’d suggest pairing this look with heels and other more feminine details to balance out the look.


The Chanel ballet flats started this trend last year and now ballet flats are the shoe for spring. I’ve already pulled my favorites which I’ll share below. I love the look of these with longer hems for a modern look and they’ll always be classic with cinched-hem trousers as well.

What are you liking for Spring 2023?

Spring 2023 Trends I Approve Of