Striped Blues

Striped Blues 1 - The Girl From Panama

Striped Blues 2 - The Girl From Panama

Striped Blues 3 - The Girl From Panama

Striped Blues 4 - The Girl From Panama

Striped Blues 5 - The Girl From Panama

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Shirt: Banana Republic/ Shorts: J. Crew (Sold out, but I like this pair too) / Shoes: Valentino/ Bag: Gucci/ Fedora Hat: Forever 21, Similar  Here/ Lips: Buxom – Moonlighter.

Striped shorts with a crisp white shirt paired with some gladiator sandals and a cross body bag is the perfect outfit for a casual summer day. I wore this outfit for a lunch date with my husband this past weekend. We were looking forward to exploring a new neighborhood in San Francisco, but we got a little bit lazy and decided to just relax at home. It was so HOT in the East Bay, but I cannot complain; the weather here is pretty amazing!  My hair and face love this weather too – Hello zero humidity!

I wish I could say that the weather here reminds me of Panama, but I would be lying to you! I cannot compare the two; it feels completely different.  Don’t get me wrong, in Panama we are also very lucky to have a summer season that lasts pretty much the entire year, with the occasional shower, or maybe frequent I should say… but anyway… it’s great! You can go to the beach every weekend if you want and you don’t have to worry about checking the weather before heading out… you know it’s going to be super hot 99.9% of the time, therefore, it makes it easier to get ready in the mornings! Isn’t that great?

On another note, I have to admit that I have a mild obsession with J. Crew, more so with their shorts, tees, shoes, jewelry… Well, pretty much everything! Right now they are having an awesome sale, make sure to check it out!

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Striped Blues