5 Tips for Applying Dark Lipstick

Pam Hetlinger shows the products used to create a long lasting dark lipA question I receive a lot is how I apply darker lipstick, and what my tricks are to keep it lasting all day. I love a dark lipstick color, especially for when I am shooting or going out. I chose a color in between a red and purple to mimic the tones of fall and winter! You can find great lip colors from Armani, Chanel, Tom Ford, MAC, and more!

Step 1:

Pam Hetlinger shows how to apply Lip Primer

When I wear a bold color like Antique Velvet by MAC, I like to prime with Armani Prima. Primer is extremely important because it prepares your lips to hold the product that is about to go on it. It moisturizes and preps for the next step!

Step 2:

Pam Hetlinger shows how to put on lip liner

Next, I put a dark lipliner on to enhance the lip color. If you wear a nude lip liner or a similarly colored lipliner underneath the lipstick of your choice, it will make the color pop and keep it lasting throughout the day! Sometimes lip liner will make your lips dry and chalky, it is important to keep your lips hydrated and prepped. This is why primer is important.

Step 3:

Pam Hetlinger using Laura Mercier translucent powder

Another extra step I like to do is add Laura Mercier translucent powder after I put lip liner on. It holds the lip liner in place and prepares for the lipstick color to go on top. After the lipstick goes on, I add another small layer to mattify before I add gloss.

Step 4:

Pam Hetlinger adds Antique Velvet Matte Lipstick by MAC to her makeup

After lipliner, you apply the lipstick color. Generally, lipsticks will have a pointy end that you can use to perfect the application of the color, especially defining your cupids bow! You can also define your cupids bow with whichever lipliner you have chosen.

Step 5:

Pam Hetlinger adds Chanel Gloss to a matte lip

Since the lipstick I am using is matte, I wanted to add a little bit of extra shine. I added a moisturizing gloss by Chanel on top. I like wearing matte colors, but occasionally an extra glossy shine can add definition and depth to your winterized makeup!

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These tips and tricks will work with any type of lip color and will keep your lips lasting all day long. Don’t forget to bring your lipstick with you in your purse during the day, you never know when you’ll want to add a little extra!

5 Tips for Applying Dark Lipstick