3 Things You Need for Summer Date Nights

One of my favorite things about summer, and something I think most of us apprecaite about the season, is the ease of fashion. You don’t need a lot of layers or heavy pieces. Instead, it’s all about effortless style and having go-to combinations for everything from brunch to parties to date nights (or evenings out in general). When it comes to going out for dinner or drinks in the summer, I reach for 3 things over and over. Want to know what those are? Keep reading.

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Versatile bodysuit

If you aren’t into the bodysuit look yet, I highly suggest trying them out. The fit does take an adjustment if you aren’t used to them, I won’t lie, but they get more comfortable the more you wear them. Plus, they provide a clean tuck if you’re looking for that tucked in look which I find to be very flattering. I have several bodysuits in my closet, but these below are especially great for dates or evenings out in the summer.

Flattering denim

If you’re looking to feel more dressed up or sultry, pay close attention to the fit of your nighttime denim. For me, I’m petite but have my Latina curves, so I’m always looking for pairs that fit my butt nicely (pockets that are higher up and provide a lift), aren’t too tight or too baggy, are high-waisted and that hit me at a flattering point of my ankle. This combination elongates the legs and looks good on most body shapes. (I love love love this pair from Paige if you have a similar frame to me by the way!)

But above all, it’s all about the pair you feel confident in so find a style that fits you well and don’t stray too far from that. If you don’t look good in mom jeans, skip them. If you don’t look good in wide-legged, don’t force yourself into them.

Acryclic sandals

If you can’t tell from my ongoing obession, I’m very into the acryclic shoe trend – and you should be, too. When done right, they are very flattering since they don’t cut off your ankles or feet like so many shoes do. They’re also increadibly versatile since they’re clear and can be worn with pretty much every color or print combo.

For a date night, I’m into something with a heel – whether that’s a shorter block or kitten heel or something dressier like these Schutz sandals that I’m wearing in these photos.

I’ve curated a handful of my favorite acyclic heels for you here in case you’re also into the look:

And that’s it! Three steps to a look you can cycle in and out all season long. Simple right?

Tell me, what’s a staple for your date nights?

3 Things You Need for Summer Date Nights