Boating This Summer? Wear This

I’ve made a lot of amazing memories since moving to Los Angeles and my recent day with Zimmermann was at the top of the list. Southern California may be known for its beaches, but we actually spent the day in the water in a different way – on a boat. Dressed in Zimmermann, which you know is a favorite brand of mine, surrounded by some of my best friends in LA, and with dolphins putting on a show, it was a day I’ll never forget!

In case you’re heading on a boat sometime soon, I wanted to share how I went about picking my outfit – and how to style your own look for a similar experience.

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Go flat

I’m a heels girl but I definitely learned that boats are not the place for them. Next time, I’ll go for something flat since the boat’s surface plus the motion didn’t make for the easiest time. I ended up taking mine off and going bare foot most of the day, but if I were to do it again – I’d go for a chic and simple pair of slides or sandals. All white sneakers can also be stylish for a boat if you’re craving something casual. Here are shoes I’d suggest:

Have a breezy element

To me, it was all about mixing effortlessness with a classic style, which flowing skirts accomplish. I loved having the longer hem when it got windy but felt cool and effortless all day long. I was also comfortable when we were docked and hanging in the sun since the pieces were airy. Plus, if you’re photographing at all, the breezy pieces are beautiful to shoot.

Keep in mind fabrics as well – you want those to feel breezy instead of thick or unseasonal. Linen and other light, breathable fabrics are smart like this skirt.


It was a beautiful day in LA but once we were far enough out to sea, it did get windy. On a boat, definitely layer. A light jacket would be fine for day time in the summer. Think an oversized boyfriend blazer or a cargo style jacket that are both trending this year.

Show peeks of skin

It’ll depend on what type of boat you’re on and what the occasion is, but this day wasn’t the bathing suit type. I still knew I wanted to show classy peeks of skin to go with the vibe of the day though. After all, it’s summer and we were on the water! I went with a high-waisted skirt and a flirty crop top that showed a touch of stomach and shoulders, and it felt like the perfect amount. I also fell in love with this dress from Zimmermann that showed just the right amount of torso. You could also do a chic one-piece paired with high-waisted trousers or under a wrapped skirt.

Bring sunglasses

This is probably obvious but I wanted to mention in case. Between the wind and the bright reflections off the water, I didn’t take off my sunglasses once we were on the boat. A pair of black cat eyes like these are always a go-to for me.

Switch things up

Finally, I had fun wearing prints that weren’t necessarily nautical and I don’t think that needs to be a rule for boating. If you’re not a stripes or blue and white kind of girl, do your thing in whatever print you’re into. It’s all about feeling comfortable while on board and looking chic while doing it – plus being practical.

And of course, don’t forget the champagne! Hope this was helpful if you’re boating soon!


Boating This Summer? Wear This