A Routine for Staying Safe and Positive Right Now

As we all know, it’s an unsettling time right now. And while I’m confident things will go back to normal soon, the unknown is definitely weighing heavily on everyone that I know, myself included. I made a promise to myself that this week I’m going to try to focus on positive thoughts and pay close attention to my mind because the truth is that if we don’t control our thoughts, our thoughts will control us.

Since most of us are cooped up in our home and likely out of our normal routine, I wanted to talk about what I’ve been doing to stay positive and safe. I tried this routine this past week and it really helped me. I strongly believe that sticking to some sort of healthy routine is good for the body and mind, and it’s something we could all use in our life right now. Since I’m used to working from home, here’s a routine & ideas to consider during this time.

Healthy Morning Routine to Follow

  • Set your alarm and wake up early: While getting enough sleep is important for our immunity and health, I recommend starting your day at a decent hour or at least try to. If anything, try to go to bed early and make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Begin your morning with gratitude or prayers: Before I get out of bed, I like to use my bible app and listen to worship music. It starts my day on a grateful, centered note. If that’s not for you, you can the 5-Minute Journal which is also great.
  • Meditate: This is as important as ever right now, especially if this situation is making you feel anxious. I know meditation can seem hard or like it’s not for you, but I promise that with consistency, it can change your life. Even 5 minutes and using an app like Soul Time, Abide, or Calm. I heard that Calm is currently giving out free subscriptions, by the way.
  • Workout: I personally like to workout in the morning and I think it sets the day on a good note, especially right now. I love Melissa Wood’s workouts that are more Pilates, Yoga, and low intensity or Kayla Itsines Sweat app if I want something to really get my heart up. I’ve also been working out with my friend Leah via facetime. She’s offering facetime private classes right now. If you are interested feel free to DM her!
  • Shower and get ready: Don’t stay in your PJs all day long! I promise it won’t help your productivity. You don’t have to get fully ready, though I like to; even switching into loungewear or leggings helps to set the tone.
  • Start work.



More Ideas for This Time

  • Take a lunch break and call someone who you’re not with. I’ve been staying connected to my family and friends through daily FaceTimes. You can even FaceTime a friend while watching a show together or for a virtual happy hour.
  • This is the time to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time but haven’t had time for it. Learn a new language, take an online class (this week I’m going to take a class on Masterclass and Mindvalley) listen to podcasts, learn to cook, do a self-reflection exercise, start a blog, etc.
  • Organize! I’ve been cleaning and organizing my new apartment like crazy. This is the perfect time to jump on spring cleaning and to tackle closets you usually put off. It also feels really good to totally clean the house from top to bottom.
  • Donate. This is a time when a lot of people are in true need of help. Whether it’s financially donating to food shelters, donating clothing and blankets to homeless shelters, spending time with animals at a rescue center or fostering an animal, etc., do what you can in this time of crisis. I’ve been donating money to Feeding America ($1=50 meals!)
  • Help the elderly. Can you buy groceries for someone with a more compromised immune system? Or write a note to your neighbor who might be really lonely and scared at this time? Anything helps. Remember, we’re all in this together.
  • Stay healthy. I know it’s tempting to stay on the couch and eat poorly, but that’s one of the worst things for your immune system. Sugar, alcohol and processed foods can all compromise your immune system which isn’t what we need right now. Try to move every day, stay very hydrated, eat lots of healthy fats, protein and fruit and veggies, and take care of yourself during this time.
  • Learn to DIY your favorite beauty routines and detox. Since we can’t be getting our nails and hair done right now, it’s time to do some DIY at home. Some of my favorite masks are: Evercalm by Ren Skincare and Masque Vip 02 by Biologique Recherche and the skincare routine that I’ve been sticking to is here. Put on some music, take a bath, and put on your favorite face mask. It’s also a good time to let your nails and skin breathe and to let your hair dry naturally and away from heat.
  • Lastly, rest. Don’t feel like you constantly have to be doing something. Take this time to rest and try to enjoy the slow pace and see it as a time to recover and reflect.



Alright, loves, those are my ideas and routine. I’d love to hear, what is helping you through this time?

A Routine for Staying Safe and Positive Right Now