Easy Tricks to Elevate a Basic Tee

elevate a basic tee, basic tee outfits, cropped tee | TheGirlFromPanama.com

In 2019, the majority of us are constantly on the go! It can be difficult to balance work, family, and social time – all while wanting to look and feel your best! Some of the most stunning outfits are usually the ones that offer maximum comfort, and confidence is priceless. Here are some helpful tricks to elevate any basic tee for the times where comfort is a priority and fashion is necessary!


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elevate a basic tee, basic tee outfits, cropped tee | TheGirlFromPanama.com

Play it up with delicate jewels

My personal favorite way to elevate my most casual looks is to go all out with accessories. Drop earrings, hoops, and even stud earrings can be a really simple way to elevate a basic tee because it helps to frame the face and adds a little pop of color!

Throw on a jacket

I live for jackets and they’re one of my secret weapons to making a plain jeans and tee outfit feel more stylish and elegant. I’m not afraid to admit I own more blazers than I need, but they always come to the rescue, adding a perfectly chic finish.

Tuck it in!

Like any work of art, sometimes our outfits need focal points! I can’t think of a better way to pull attention towards the center of your outfit than to tuck it in. Tucking is a wonderful trick that makes anything look more polished and elevated. It allows us to get back some of our figure when we tend to get lost in baggier t-shirts. If you’re pairing your basic tee with jeans, try tucking the shirt in and throwing on a belt!

elevate a basic tee, basic tee outfits, cropped tee | TheGirlFromPanama.com

It’s all in the shoe

If you’re not too big on jewels, and belts aren’t really your thing, shoes are the most important part of any outfit. Try opting for less casual shoes whenever wearing basic tees. I love the look of pairing pumps and mules with boyfriend and skinny jeans.

Try a new silhouette

In the past, I was all about loose, boyfriend-fitting tees, but this season, I’m loving fitted and cropped fits. Both are such a fun and feminine way to change up the basic tee look – and you can still use any of the tips above to make it interesting.

Feel free to try out some of these helpful hints the next time you slip into your favorite basic tee.

Easy Tricks to Elevate a Basic Tee