I want to hear from YOU

Pam Hetlinger, founder and editor of The Girl From Panama, shows the easiest way to style over the knee boots.

I know the title of this post is a little bit desperate, but I desperately wanted to grab your attention haha! I have been wanting to write this post for so long! I’ve had it on my editorial calendar for weeks now, and it wasn’t until my friend Jess shared her post on her 2018 plans that I felt the courage to share my plan with all of you. P.S if you don’t follow her you need to follow her ASAP!

I think this year was one of the busiest and definitely more exciting for me; I’m so thankful because I never thought that I was going to have all of the opportunities I’ve had until this day. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you! I don’t think I tell you guys that enough, but seriously THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received from all of you since day one. My goal this year is to connect with you on a deeper level and I believe asking for your feedback is a great start :)

2018 PLANS

There are a lot of topics I want to share so please bear with me! I have so many plans this year and I want YOU to be more involved, which is why I need your feedback! I want to make sure my plans are aligned with what you want to see from me this year.


This year I didn’t create as much beauty content as I wanted so 2018 it’s going to be focused heavily on this! I already know you enjoy my tutorials and beauty looks to recreate. So tell me, in the beauty department, what else would you like to see from me? I’m open to any ideas! Videos? More makeup? More hair? The products I use? Let me know!

Lifestyle – Personal

In the summer I opened up about my divorceI was so afraid to share that post at first, but after seeing your response, I was so incredibly overwhelmed in a good way, of course, I got thousands of comments and emails from other women out there showing their support and sharing their story with me, which was so beautiful! I said I was going to focus on this category more and unfortunately, I didn’t. I think it was because I was afraid that my next post was not going to have the same impact as this one. But those fears are in the past now and in 2018 I want to walk you through my journey of healing and finally finding happiness.I can wait to hear your thoughts on this. Also, fitness has been a huge part of that process. Is this something you would be interested in reading here on my blog? Finally, decor is another area I would love to add to my blog. I’m in the process of furnishing my new apartment, would you like to see an apartment tour?


Last year I traveled a lot! I got to visit some really cool places and most recently I visited Morocco, which it has been on my travel bucket list for years! I also want to travel to Panama more this year to visit my family and to create more content you. Additionally, I want to explore and show you more around Los Angeles! I’ve only been here for a year and a half and I still have so much more to see! Usually, when I post travel content I noticed that you like to see really in-depth travel guides rather than several posts about the same trip. Is that right? What else would you like to see in the Travel category? Do you like reading my blog for travel recommendations? Would you like to see videos instead of posts? Again, let me know your feedback!


This has been the main category of my blog since day 1. I love styling looks for you! My style has changed a bit since I moved from Boston to LA for obvious reasons. I actually struggled to find my own style at the beginning, but now I know what works best for me here :) I would love to hear your thoughts! What would you like to see more off? My goal this year is to always present you with more affordable options whenever I’m showing you something a bit more pricey. I definitively want to continue mixing high and low end options for you. Let me know if you have any ideas for me. Do you want to see fashion videos? What type of content do you like the most?


This is probably the most exciting thing for me. I have been wanting to launch my Youtube channel for so long! And it’s finally time. In the next month or two I will be launching it, but this is where I’m going to need the most help with! What kind of videos do you want to see? Beauty, fashion, travel, personal? All of the above? Let me know!!

Last and most important question…

How often do you visit my blog? Do you want to see posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or every day? Please let me know!


Esta sección es para mis latinas!! En los próximos meses voy a estar trabajando con mi equipo de web design para incorporar las traducciones en español de todos mis posts. Todavía estoy buscando ayudita aquí en Los Angeles ya que como les comentaba toma bastante tiempo escribir los posts en Español y en Inglés asi es que si conocen a alguien que me pueda ayudar en Los Angeles me avisan! Voy a enfocarme mucho en esto ya que todas me lo han pedido :) De ustedes me encantarían saber que más les gustaría ver en mi blog? Déjenme saber!

That’s all beautiful people. Thank you again for taking the time to read this post. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and super helpful in helping me determine what types of posts you guys really want to see and when! Thanks again and I can’t wait to read all of your comments!

Also, Happy New Year, guys! See you in 2018. Love, Pam.

I want to hear from YOU