My Stay At The Four Seasons Marrakech

Pam Hetlinger at the Four Seasons Marrakech

A few weeks ago I went to Morocco, Marrakech for the first time! I’m sure you all have seen plenty of photos and posts about my stay, but here’s one more! I definitely didn’t want to let the year pass without showing you more from this trip and my stay at the Four Seasons Marrakech. I wanted to talk about a couple of the things I loved about my stay here, and why it is an absolute must if you are traveling to Marrakech.

Restaurants and Food

Four Seasons Marrakech Quattro Restaurant

Four Seasons Marrakech, Morocco Quattro Restaurant

In a previous post, I discussed a few of my favorite restaurants and eating experiences in Morocco, one of them being Quattro. Quattro is located inside of the Four Seasons and had an absolutely memorable menu consisting of Italian and Moroccan flavors. Here’s the best part – All of the herbs and spices are grown in the Chef’s garden, making it one of the most authentic and unique places I ate at during my stay.

The Inara

Pam Hetlinger wearing a floral red dress at the Four Seasons Marrakech

As amazing as the food was at the Four Seasons, having a drink and the Inara Lounge was, even more, fun. It is the perfect place to grab a cocktail before starting your evening, and there is plenty of room for conversation, mingling, and meeting other hotel guests. The Inara is open later than other restaurants in the hotel too.


Pam Hetlinger wearing a velvet matching set at the Four Seasons Marrakech in Morocco

Four Seasons Marrakech Inara Lounge

The Four Seasons has a unique take on their decor. The decor is modern but inviting.  Everything is complimented with an occasional pop of red and orange. This was consistent all throughout the hotel, and gave it such a tropical but still, Moroccan feel.

Other favorite things…

Pam Hetlinger at the Four Seasons Marrakech

The room we stayed in was a beautiful Garden-View Terrace Room, which overlooks the entire garden of the Four Seasons.  It was definitely a dream to wake up every day in that room. We also loved the staff and the service in general. They were so accommodating. They even planned our Camel ride trip to Palmgrove and made sure we got to the airport safe and sound. I definitely recommend staying here if you are planning to visit Morocco in 2018!

Hope you enjoyed my posts from Morocco! xo, Pam

Special thanks to The Four Seasons Hotel for the accommodations! 

My Stay At The Four Seasons Marrakech