The Jewelry Brand I’m Layering on Repeat

One of my favorite trends to come out the last couple years is definitely stacking jewelry. I love wearing multiple pieces at once, whether it’s several rings bracelets at a time, or a statement pair of earrings mixed with layered necklaces. It’s definitely an easy way to elevate any basic daytime outfit like denim and an oversized blazer, and it also adds a glamorous touch to evening wear.

I’ve been doing this look with LAGOS jewelry for a while now and you guys seem to love their pieces whenever I wear them. They recently launched new onyx pieces from their Maya collection and these pieces are especially beautiful to transition from day to night. Perfect for all of us busy girls running from meetings to dinner or brunch to dates.

All of their pieces are handcrafted and timeless which makes mixing them together really simple. I love how I can basically grab whatever and I know it’ll look good together. A few of my favorites are the onyx drop earrings and dainty bracelets.

If you also love the layering look, don’t forget to check out LAGOS’ new line which I think you’ll love.

Do you like my daytime or nighttime look better? Or both?


The Jewelry Brand I’m Layering on Repeat