Your Guide to Boots this Winter

Now that it’s January, it’s finally feeling like the official start to winter. Even though LA doesn’t experience real winter, it’s still a time of year that I get so excited for, especially when it comes to shoes. I love a good boot and feel like they always make an outfit look more elevated. Since I know a lot of you are probably shopping for boots right now, I wanted to call out the styles I’m loving most.

Overall, I tend to buy a couple classic investment pairs and then grab a couple of affordable pairs as well. I usually like a bit of a heel since I’m on the shorter side, so you’ll see most of my picks all have somewhat of a heel. If you’re not a heel girl, I get it. Just grab a pair of combat boots or a block heel since those tend to be comfier. Keep reading for the trending boots that I’m loving most!



Everyday Booties

Tall & Over the Knee

Your Guide to Boots this Winter