My Routine Once I Land Somewhere

My job involves a lot of travel which is one of my favorite parts. I feel very lucky to be able to see new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people along the way. But I will say that travel can take it out of you, especially if you’re going to different time zones and missing out on sleep. If you’re someone who travels often as I do, you know what I mean.

No matter whether I’m heading somewhere international or even a quick trip, there are certain things I like to do as soon as I land. I’ve already covered my in-flight self-care essentials, but today’s post is all about my routine when I land.


I try my best to hydrate extra on travel days, from the moment I wake up, on the plane, and when I land. I’ll usually call for hot lemon water or a big water dispenser from room service. I also mix in a couple of waters for every cocktail if I’m attending an event.

Lymphatic drainage

It kind of depends on where I’m flying to but I try to find a spa who does lymphatic draining massages. IMD Beauty Spa is my absolute favorite in New York City (they have one in LA too). It’s amazing for detoxifying, sculpting and water retention. It does hurt a little bit since it’s kind of intense but you get used to it, and it’s worth it.

As for my face, I like to bring something like a Gua Sha so that I can get the same benefits on my face. Just put a little face oil or serum on before you use the tool so that everything glides smoothly. This is my favorite before bed and when I wake up, too!


If I land and I have some time, I like to go to the gym to move my body. I always feel kind of tired after a flight and movement wakes me up and gives me energy throughout the rest of the day. At the least, I’ll go for a walk and stretch in my room. If I know a place, I’ll head to a class or Pilates studio, too.


I bring a travel steamer with me but I prefer to quickly unpack as soon as I arrive to my room. This makes getting dressed easier, keeps my clothing nicer, and I feel more relaxed instantly.

Wash my face

One last thing I do, unless I have an event right away, is cleanse my skin, let it breathe, then nourish it. I’ll usually put on an oil or a face mask and eye patches if I’m feeling tired or puffy.

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My Routine Once I Land Somewhere